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About Us:

Founded in 1963, the Harvard Bartending Course has instructed over 40,000 people in the art of mixology, bartending, and TIPS certified alcohol service. We teach you the skills to mix any drink imaginable - no experience needed! Don’t waste your time and money with lengthy, expensive courses that simply have you memorize recipes.

We offer the following courses:
  • Intro to Mixology (NEW: learn how to mix drinks on a budget!)
  • TIPS Certification Course
  • The Art of Mixology Course
  • TIPS + Mixology Course (Flash sales: check our dates for individual course pricing)
Introducing Flash Sales:
  • We will now lower the prices of upcoming deluxe bar courses based on current course attendance!
  • To keep up to date on our sales, check the dates of our deluxe course (which can be found after clicking on the courses tab above).


Are you a student?

Students, email us at barcourse@mail.hsa.net to claim your 30% off discount! Enroll in our deluxe TIPS and Art of Mixology Course for only $199. (Original price: $289.99)

Need to reschedule?

Need to reschedule a course that's more than one week away? Click here for more information.

Need a bartender?

Want to hire a bartender for your event, but don't want to break the bank? Click here to hire a trained student bartender!


The Harvard Bartending Course is not affiliated with DrinkMaster Bartending School of Boston, Boston Bartenders School, Boston Bartenders School of America, or BarTime Bartending School.