The Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course is not only a historic part of Harvard Student Agencies, the largest student-run corporation in the world, but a historic part of Harvard University as well.
The first course in 1964 was planned as a platform to help Harvard students find jobs as bartenders. Today, we'd consider this our Art of Mixology course. Decades ago, however, this course was open twice a month for 90 to 120 people and featured a "final exam" where students would form a circle and mix drinks for the person to their right—continuing until a student passed out. Alas, legislation has since tightened, and we can no longer feature this memorable exam!
In 1972, the Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course opened its doors to all local Cambridge and Boston college students. Thus began a long history of our bartending course certifying local students and preparing them for jobs in the bartending industry. Later, Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course developed an elaborate mixology course, where students would be proclaimed "Masters of Mixology." In 1985, the first edition of the Official Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course Book was published. Due to popular demand, a second edition of the Official Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course Book was published in 1997. In 2005, Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course began a wine tasting course which taught its students both the flavors and the history of different types of wine.
Today, the Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course continues the mission it was founded on by certifying Harvard students and helping them find jobs as bartenders. Additionally, however, we seek to help members of the Cambridge and Boston community become bartenders—now bringing this goal worldwide in the virtual format of the COVID-19 era.
The Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course is perfect if you are interested in bartending, learning more about mixing drinks, having happy hour with friends, or just taking the historic Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course!


“Our representative was beyond helpful and made our event a huge success! Our employees have worked so hard over this past year and it was great to take a break, relax, and spend time together (even if virtual). Our Bartender was friendly, engaging and answered all our questions!”

- Christine L., Portal Instruments

“I thought it was a great course. It was great to have the ability to ask questions and make it interactive. I especially liked the parts when the instructor asked us how we would modify the basic recipe to create a "signature" cocktail for ourselves. It helped me think outside the box.”

- Fraser M.

“It was a great time! The Groupize Team loved our Bar Course. We learned, we laughed, and we drank. Great event!”

- Madison H., Groupize

“It was really enjoyable and I think a great team bonding activity, people really learned a lot.”

- Daniel M.

“I love it. I thought the instructor made it thorough. It was an interesting with his experiences and knowledge.”

- Regina P.