Founded in 1963, the Harvard Bartending Course has instructed over 40,000 people in the art of mixology, bartending, and TIPS certified alcohol service.

TIPS and Mixology Course
This course will teach you every important skill needed to bartend, including technique and etiquette. The morning session is dedicated to TIPS training, and the art of mixology is taught during the afternoon session.
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Deluxe Mixology Course
This course provides the preparation necessary for professional bartending in any setting. Through an interactive learning environment, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of spirits, the skills to manage a fast-paced bar, and the fundamentals of professional customer service.
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Private Courses
Looking for something new and creative to enjoy with your friends or
colleagues? Host a private bar course from Harvard Student Resources
to bring the basics of bartending to your friends and colleagues. We offer
a wide range of curriculums to fit every need. From home bar training
for the beginner to advanced mixology for professional bartenders,
we can take your bartending acumen to the next level! Contact us at
barservice@hsa.net for more details.