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Unlike longer and more expensive courses, The Art of Mixology does not teach you to memorize drink recipes. Rather, the courses focuses on understanding the essential skills behind making any alcoholic drink, including frozen drinks, cocktails, daiquiris, and layered shots. Once you've mastered these skills, you can make any drink imaginable. Additionally, you'll learn bar setup, how to distinguish between different alcohols and mixers, and how to use all bar equipment. The course emphasizes hands-on training; students make a full range of drinks under the supervision and guidance of an experienced Boston bartender. After completing this portion of the course, you'll receive Harvard's "Art of Mixology" certificate—veritable proof of your training.


We will now be offering The Art of Mixology course to Harvard Bar alumni for only $40! We want our Harvard Bar alumni to be able to have unlimited bartending practice in order to truly master their craft
In order to claim your $40 refresher course, email with the date of your first course today!