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Live Zoom TIPS Certification Course

Live Zoom TIPS Certification Course


TIPS (Training in Intervention Procedures by Servers of alcohol) is a nationwide certification program that teaches the responsible serving of alcohol. The TIPS training session focuses on safe alcohol service, legal rules for bartenders, and essential bartending etiquette. Issues addressed include: checking IDs, the physiological and psychological effects of consuming alcohol, and the best methods to handle intoxicated guests in bars, restaurants, and at private events. The TIPS portion of the course uses real-life scenarios to give students an accurate portrayal of the proper methods for handling various alcohol-related situations. At the end of this session, students take the TIPS certification exam and later receive their certification cards in the mail.

By Massachusetts state law, you must be 18 to bartend. This course does not use alcohol for mixing exercises, and is open to anyone aged 18 or older!

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